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About Vanishing Point Studio 3D Architectural Visualization Rendering

With the evolution of the computer in the Architectural classroom and studio, the art of creating drawings by hand is slowly disappearing from the Architectural Industry. We have been providing 3D Architectural Visualization Renderings to this community since 2000 due to the strong desire we had to provide 3D Computer Graphics. We are still growing, but we are very detail-oriented, and we strive to provide our Clients renderings that will meet their requirements and stay within Time and Budget constraints. We are proud of our Work and we will make sure that you are very happy with your final Product for your Project.

The Quality of our Work will show you why we should be 3D Architectural Visualization Rendering Specialist.

VANISHING POINT STUDIO prides itself on its flexibility and is open to communication through the Internet as well as more traditional methods. We look forward to working with you, and to meeting the challenge of your Rendering and Presentation needs.

Design Development Illustrations are done at the initial stages of the Design Process. With an in-depth knowledge of this Design Process and of Visual Communication and Presentation, we can assist you in creating single images for the development of a Project from its infancy to its fruition. The advantages of Computer Rendering over traditional Hand Painted Renderings, are obvious once you begin your first architectural rendering project with us. Being a digital medium, we can quickly adjust view point, colors, sun direction and composition. Last minute design refinements to your 3D renderings become something not complicated.
Communication is instantaneous because we can quickly render modifications to your Rendering and E-mail them. We show you exactly what you are getting so that there are only pleasant surprises when your final Architectural Rendering arrives. Throughout each Project, we will provide you the information you require to have a high level of confidence that the Renderings you will ultimately receive are exactly to your specifications.


E-mail us the following:

1. Site Plan.

2. Floor Plan(s).

3. All Exterior Elevations.

4. Building Sections.

5. Roof Plan.

6. Details as needed to reflect all different conditions that affect the Exterior Elevations.

7. A desired angle of View for us to do your Rendering.

8. An estimated Time Frame for your Project.

9. Name of the Contact Person in your Firm.

After we receive all this Information we will prepare a Quote for your Project

and it will be E-mailed within 24 hours of receiving your request.

You will then proceed to review our Proposal and

sign an Authorization Form for us to proceed, which will constitute our Agreement.

We request a Retaining Fee of One Half of the Total to commence Work,

and we will work out with you a Payment Schedule.

Vanishing Point Studio: Your 3D Architectural Visualization Rendering Provider

Most Architectural Rendering Projects can be completed in 1-2 weeks.


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    Phone: 954-515-7262